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Adam Wayne Northup was born the eldest son of Emitt and Theresa Northup on 04-22-1968. He was married on 06-17-1995 to Deaun Elaine Berge (b. 03-23-1966). They have two sons, Ethan born May 1st, 1998 and Aaron Matthew; born 5-17-2000.

Adam and Deaun have recently moved to Boise, Idaho. I have updated this page as of 10 May, 2008 to get it current. A link has been added to Ethan's six months Album. Make sure you check that out. There are a lot of pictures with his cousin, Hayden, as well. These pictures are not in the Northup Family Album, as yet, so this is the place to go.
Adam Northup's page is under construction. Please check back often for updates.

Adam Northup Family

Children of Adam and Deaun Northup

Ethan Patrick. Born May 1st, 1998.
Aaron Matthew B. May 17, 2000
Ethan's Album at 6 Months
This is Adam's sister Holly and her husband with Daryl's family, at their wedding
This is Adam's family at Holly's wedding
This is Adam's family at Casey's wedding
Link to Deaun's page
Adam's Adult Adolescence